Original Portraits by Linda SheppardAdults - Children - Pets


Oil, Pastel, Old Master Drawing Techniquesjoy of living

  • It is an interpretation of one’s own being filtered through the eyes of the artist who takes the time to deeply observe and communicate with the subject
  • It affirms the precious value of the sitter that says, “You are of incredible worth.”
  • It confirms the benefactor’s desire to never let this person be forgotten.
  • It captures the loved one for a moment in time.
  • It captures the strength or characteristics of the person that will speak to future  generations. This has ties to historical or family continuity.   
  • An artist’s perception of a person does not have to portray all the flaws, as happens in photographs, unless they are central to the character of the person.
  • To live with good art is to be changed. Art is unpredictable. It may draw you into the scene or the person and speak. You may notice something you had missed, or you may be reminded of times you have forgotten. It may stir your imagination or lift you above the ordinary.
  • A painted portrait is a small price to pay for a place in living history.

- Author Unknown


I PREFER TO WORK FROM PHOTOS. Whenever possible, I prefer to take the photos or have a photographer take them. Children’s portraits can be done from old family photos; from ones you or family members have, or we can have a photographer take them. The client pays the photographer’s fees.


When you decide to commission a portrait, I will work with you to develop a process that fits your schedule, while allowing me to get the information I need about the subject. It works best if I can spend some time with the client, in order to get a feel for the person’s personality, interests, etc. If we need a professional photographer, the client pays the fees ($200). When the portrait is completed, the client gets the photographs.  I will save one print for my portfolio.

If possible, I like to check with the subject, to check the values and correct skin color.

Painting is presented for approval. Giclees can be made of the portrait. The client pays the $135 fee for the scan and pays for the prints. I will save one for my portfolio.



              SIZE       OIL       PASTEL       DRAWING
       One Person – Head and Shoulder        12x16        $3,000        $2,500        $1,000
               16x20        $5,000        $4,000        $1,500
       Half Figure        16x20        $6,000        $5,000        $2,000
      (with hands)        16x20        $7,500        $6,000        $3,000
      Three Quarter Figure        16x20        $7,500        $6,000        $3,000
      Full Figure In Setting (Exterior or Interior)                $8,000                

Family (or friends) group in setting in home or outside.

The price will be determined by the size of the painting, the detail involved, and the number of figures or animals included.

The client should contact the artist to discuss fees if more than one ‘one person’ portrait is desired (e.g. Individual portraits of several grandchildren).                    

Half of the fee will be paid at the start of the painting. The remainder is due when the portrait is finished and the client approves.

All travel, lodging, framing, and applicable taxes and shipping expenses are in addition to the prices listed above.  

As the painting approaches completion, I will ask you to review the piece so that any adjustments can be made for your satisfaction.

I reserve the right to reproduce the art work for my own web site or publication, or to enter the piece in national exhibitions. If the client wants me to make giclees (prints) for other members of the family, I reserve the right to have my own printer make the giclees. The prints are made on an $85,000 scanner on high quality paper.  

Framing:  The client and I usually go together to decide on a suitable frame. The client pays for the framing.